Johnson & Johnson - Packaging Design QuickFire Challenge: Unit Dose Technologies

Posted on Posted on 23 Sep 2021

Grant funding from a total pool of up to $100,000; Submission deadline: 15th October 2021

To inspire innovators to bring potentially groundbreaking unit dose packaging options to the market – with a focus on child-resistant, user-friendly, non-reclosable designs – Johnson & Johnson Innovation together with the packaging innovation team within Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. is launching the Packaging Design QuickFire Challenge: Unit Dose Technologies. Potential innovations can include both solids (tablets, capsules and powders) and liquids (solutions and suspensions) in unit-dose formats (e.g. blisters, sachets and stick packs). Primary and secondary packaging or combination of the two are in scope of the challenge.

The innovator(s) with the best idea, potential technology, or potential solution will receive grant funding from a total pool of up to $100,000, access to the global Johnson & Johnson Innovation – JLABS network and mentorship from experts across the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies.


Submissions are expected to focus on the “main criteria” shown below. The “criteria to also consider” will help you differentiate your submission from the rest and the applicant is expected to elaborate on how these criteria can be or not be addressed.

Main criteria:

  • Child Resistant and User Friendly packaging that covers the range of F1 through the F9 **
  • Aim for unit-dose non-reclosable formats.
  • Provides great user experience. Some examples of this are: ease of use/opening, frustration-free opening, portability, attractiveness.
  • Novelty of the idea.

Criteria to also consider:

  • Increased sustainability.
  • Easily integrates into existing packaging lines with minimal modification
  • Support to patience adherence.
  • Cost-effective, scalable & manufacturable
  • Tamper evidence.
  • Barrier needs of pharmaceuticals.
  • Safety of opening and ingestion. (e.g. user cutting due to sharp edges of packaging)


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