Better World Collective & Innovate UK KTN/UKCPN: A partnership to shape a better world

Posted on Posted on 8 Oct 2021

Better World Collective is proud to partner with Innovate UK KTN, an innovation exchange network creating diverse connections to drive positive change.

Better World Collective, powered by Plus X welcomes Innovate UK KTN’s wealth of experience of connecting innovative ideas, responding to ever-changing societal, environmental and economic challenges, in a partnership complimenting the mission of Better World Collective to support corporates and sustainable materials innovators in open collaboration programmes.


Long time champions of innovation and advocates of new technology, Innovate UK KTN boasts a powerful network that spans business, government, research and funders. With their support, the trajectory of BWC is certain as Dr Sally Beken, Innovate UK KTN’s Knowledge Transfer Manager, also joins the Advisory Board to provide strategic direction and an additional expert lens.


Sally leads up the Smart Sustainable Plastic Packaging activity at Innovate UK KTN. Alongside a plethora of great achievements, including holding a Ph.D. in Polymer Science, Sally has been an Innovation Lead at Innovate UK and monitored a portfolio of over 60 projects. Sally also founded and heads up the UK Circular Plastics Network.


“It’s an obvious partnership” says Sarah Nichols, Partnerships Director at Plus X, “KTN, and Sally will bring experience and expertise to the BWC network and we can help Innovate UK KTN support further innovation and expand within the sustainable materials space. We are so pleased to have their support”.


Plus X are big admirers of Innovate UK KTN’s work in backing entrepreneurs and innovation and see this budding relationship as a significant step in accelerating the impact of new, sustainable materials in everyday business. Pressure on businesses is increasing and the demand for sustainability led practices and procurement is getting stronger so the need to act alongside organisations with similar goals is all the more important.


Innovate UK KTN and UKCPN are delighted to partner with Better World Collective in order to further their mission of solving sustainable material innovation challenges. Addressing innovation with sustainability is core to Innovate UK KTN’s values and strategy, as well as strongly aligning with UKCPN’s mission to decrease the amount of plastic waste entering the environment. Innovate UK KTN’s goal to achieve net-zero carbon emissions within 5 years enables us to work towards a better world for business and society to operate. Our partnership with Better World Collective will encourage other businesses to put sustainability on their agenda, particularly with UKCPN Programme Lead, Dr. Sally Beken, speaking at one of Better World Collective’s Summits.


With Innovate UK KTN’s power to connect and Better World Collective’s experience in supporting open innovation and collaboration, this is a partnership that has immense potential to equip influential businesses with the tools to, indeed, shape a better world.


Better World Collective, powered by Plus X Innovation Hubs

Better World Collective, powered by Plus X Innovation Hubs is on a mission to amplify the impact of sustainable materials by connecting organisations with leading startups and scaleups to solve sustainable materials challenges.

The programme offers 6x Summits each year focused on industry challenge areas including packaging, fashion, construction and food waste to drive faster innovation and bigger impact. 

Through curating bespoke and purpose-led connections between big brands and startups for innovation projects and pilots, Better World Collective allows startups to do what they do best – innovate, and in doing so, corporates can adopt more sustainable practices with ease, speed, and reduced risk, whilst building a culture of innovation within their organisation.

Better World Collective offers all the tools, experience and support for both the corporate and startup to create a successful collaboration project.

Visit the Better World Collective website here


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