In the Loop: Circular Innovation and Plastic Waste in the Creative Industries

Posted on Posted on 9 Oct 2019

Join UKCPN and Julie's Bicycle on Thursday 7th November for an event focused on circularity and plastic waste in the creative industries.

UK Circular Plastics Network and Julie’s Bicycle are hosting an event on Thursday 7th November in London called ‘In the Loop: Circular Innovation and Plastic Waste in the Creative Industries’.


The UK’s creative industries are a major industrial sector, employing more than two million people and growing at roughly twice the rate of the economy as a whole. Given this size, it has a large environmental footprint, and whether it is designer fashion, music festivals or film production there are increasing concerns as to how the industry is contributing to global problems such as plastic waste. Many in the creative industries have already shown strong awareness and leadership on environmental issues, and there now exists significant best practice in tackling and reducing the problem of single-use plastics.


The footprint of the sector is considerable. To take just the fashion sector alone, more than half a million people in the UK work in fashion, textiles and fashion retail, and according to research after housing, transport and food, clothing has the fourth largest environmental impact in the UK

 Above and beyond its direct environmental impact, the creative industries are integral to expressing ideas, broadening imaginations and furthering understanding of these issues. It is through storytelling, film, literature and visual arts that many people comprehend problems such as climate change or plastic waste. At the same time, advertising, design and communications will be crucial in promoting new, and more resource-efficient forms of consumption and behaviour. It is crucial that the creative businesses now work with public agencies and across their supply chains to innovate and encourage the uptake of new production processes and business models – not only to reduce waste in their own sector, but to become a beacon for best practice across the economy as a whole.


This event, hosted by the UK Circular Plastics Network and Julie’s Bicycle, will showcase the innovations taking place, and the opportunities for creative businesses to better reduce and reuse plastics materials, and to incorporate circular economy design into their strategies and processes.


Privacy note: This event is being jointly organised by UKCPN and Julie’s Bicycle. In order to register for the event, both organisations will process your contact data where relevant for the purpose of participant management.



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