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Posted on Posted on 24 Sep 2021

You're up to three times more likely to receive funding in Smart Sustainable Plastic Packaging challenge if you contact KTN.

Recent analysis has shown that you are up to three times more likely to receive funding when you speak with KTN. 


Following the Future Plastic Packaging Solutions Competition Applications, an analysis of successful and unsuccessful applicants showed that 40% of successful applications had high KTN involvement, with the majority of ineligible applications having no KTN involvement at all. Almost 30% of applications which had KTN involvement were successful in receiving funding, compared to only 10% of applications with no KTN involvement, suggesting that applicants are three times more likely to succeed if they speak with KTN. 


If you’d like to find out more about future competitions and how KTN can help in funding applications, please speak to UKCPN Programme Lead and Knowledge Transfer Manager for Plastics at KTN, Dr. Sally Beken.

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