Ocean/Marine Plastics - Retrieval & Recycling

Posted on Posted on 25 Nov 2021

UKCPN would like to determine what is happening within this sector. Please contact Innovate UK KTN's Marine Plastic Manager, Denise Goldsmith, with your views.

Whether retrieving ghost fishing gear, plastics from beach cleans, dive cleans or other ocean clean-ups we would love to hear from you.


If you are a manufacturer or producer tell us how you are using recycled marine plastics, the challenges and the successes that this recycled material brings.


The following questions may be a useful starting place in helping us to understand what’s happening in the sector and your interest in recycling ocean/marine plastics:

  • Are you using recycled marine plastics in your products?
  • Are you trying to source marine plastics as feedstock for use in your products?
  • Are you involved with the collection or retrieval of marine plastics for recycling?
  • Are you using recycled ‘ocean bound’ plastics in your products?


Email Denise Goldsmith (denise.goldsmith@ktn-uk.org), Marine Plastics Manager, with details of your interest in recycling ocean/marine plastics.

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