Plastics Pitchfest - An Update

Posted on Posted on 25 Apr 2019

Plastics Pitchfest 2019 is already underway, but keep following UKCPN to find out about more pitching opportunities later on in the year.

The Plastics Circular Economy Pitchfest may be well underway, but we’re already considering notes of interests for a follow-up edition to take place next year.

What is Pitchfest all about?

Plastics Pitchfest is a free to enter pitching competition, open to companies working in any aspect of the plastics industry supply chain. If you’re solving problems for the environment and working towards sustainability then this could be for you. It will provide a unique opportunity to raise the profile of the plastics industry in front of a national audience of investors. This is preceded by 3 days of investment pitch training. Companies that are successful on the selection day will pitch to a national audience of investors.

Our first edition of the Plastics Circular Economy Pitchfest is currently underway, with several companies having embarked on a dedicated Investor Readiness Programme from 30th March through to 23rd April this year. This gave participants practical experience of making a pitch, as well as covering communication skills, background information on the various types of funding, and insight into the investors’ perspective. On 1st May selected successful companies from the first stage are then presenting their opportunities within the plastics sphere to a room of investors in a pitching competition.

Our next edition of Pitchfest will be taking place in 2020 – if you feel like your business could benefit from pitch training, and then gain the opportunity to pitch to investors, then get in touch! If you’d like to note your interest for a future edition of Plastics Pitchfest then please e-mail the UKCPN Programme Lead, Dr. Sally Beken:

Please note that in order to be considered, you must first be a member of the UK Circular Plastics Network – you can sign up for free by clicking here.

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