Spotlight on Ubuntoo ahead of GRIPS 2021

Posted on Posted on 25 Feb 2021

Take a look at a feature on Ubuntoo, who will be speaking at GRIPS 2021.

Ubuntoo is an Environmental Solutions Platform with more than 2,500 sustainable solutions for Sustainable Packaging, Food, Fashion and Waste Management. They also have more than 10,000 academic articles, podcasts, blogs and news articles on these topics.


The platform allows you to easily search solutions and knowledge articles, get in contact with innovators or ask questions to the community – which might be a big time saver for you. They also have collaboration spaces called “greenhouses” on topics like bioplastics, digital recycling, MLP recovery etc.


So far, they are a community of about 7,500 professionals: innovators, academicians, experts at corporations and research institutions.


You can check it out here.


Ubuntoo at Global Research & Innovation in Plastics Sustainability:

Ubuntoo will be at Global Research & Innovation in Plastics Sustainability (GRIPS) 2021, where co-founder, Peter Schelstraete, will be leading the session on ‘Overview of innovations in plastic sustaianbility from Ubuntoo’, taking place on Day One (16th March) at 13.45.


Peter explains that: “Virtually all large companies are reviewing their packaging approach and accelerating their sustainable innovation pipeline, driven by ambitious environmental goals and consumer + stakeholder pressure. In response, a groundswell of innovators is shaping the future of sustainable packaging, buoyed by access to new inventions in the physical + digital + biological sphere.”


During this session, Peter Schelstraete will give an overview of some of the most interesting innovation verticals, based on knowledge captured from the 2,500+ innovations on his Ubuntoo platform.


You can find out more information on GRIPS 2021 here


You can see an overview of the current agenda here, with more details to be released very shortly.



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