The Microfibre Consortium launches first global microfibre shedding test method for textile industry

Posted on Posted on 23 Nov 2019

The Microfibre Consortium has launched a microfibre shedding test method which will accelerate research leading to product development change.

The Microfibre Consortium (TMC) has announced details of a microfibre shedding test method that has now been released to its members.  Developed by the University of Leeds (UoL) on behalf of the consortium, the test is the world’s first thoroughly tested, validated and internationally aligned method for measuring microfibre material loss from textiles. The launch will enable TMC and its members to accelerate and deepen research that leads to product development change and a reduction in microfibre shedding in the fashion, sport, outdoor and home textiles industries.  A subsequent wider industry release is planned after member feedback has been gathered.


Working on behalf of, and closely with, TMC and its members and stakeholders, scientists at the University of Leeds developed the new method and after exhaustive testing, the consortium board approved its release to the membership.


Sophie Mather, chair of The Microfibre Consortium, comments: “This work is truly exciting and pioneering as far as establishing the deep textile understanding that we need to make product change. This is the reason I started this work in 2016 and I believe that as we dig deeper into the strategic selection of test samples, we will uncover some really insightful learnings that will be of great value to brands and retailers as they develop new product ranges.”


About The MicroFibre Consortium:

Founded in November 2018, The Microfibre Consortium facilitates the development of practical solutions for the textile industry in order to minimise microfibre release to the environment from textile manufacturing and product life cycle. The consortium connects and translates deep academic research and aligns it with the reality of commercial supply chain production, to offer solutions to its brand, retail and supplier members, and ultimately for the greater good of ecosystems.

Find out more on their website here.


Photo credit: Alice Davies at University of Leeds

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