Waitrose Unpacked Launched on Trial Run in Oxford

Posted on Posted on 21 Jun 2019

Unpackaged has helped Waitrose to launch an innovative new way to shop sustainably, removing packaging from hundreds of products.

Unpackaged, whose mission strives for a world without unnecessary packaging, has partnered with Waitrose & Partners to launch an in-store test running for 11 weeks in Oxford which sees hundreds of products on sale without their packaging. 


The ‘Unpacked’ test involves the following concepts:

  • Essential refillables – 28 products such as grains, cereals, coffee beans, dried fruits are available via dispensers rather than in their original packaging.
  • Borrow-a-box scheme – shopppers can borrow-a-box from Waitrose to shop with and then return on their next visit to the store.
  • Frozen pick & mix – frozen fruit available packaging free
  • Wine & beer refillables – 4 different wines and beers available on tap to take home
  • Detergent and washing up liquid refillables

It will showcase how customers may be willing to shop differently in the future, with the overall aim of demonstrating how we can save thousands on unnecessary plastic and packaging. Unpackaged worked as consultants to Waitrose & Partners to help deliver the project. The test will appeal to the growing number of customers who wish to shop sustainably.


Find out more here. 

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